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Dear Friends,
Ladies Circle is a vibrant and a dynamic organization having Circlers Spread all over the world …Coming together as one.

Circling is about friendship – A group of friends who warmly welcome you in their fold.
Circling is about growth – A ready platform for each of us to develop our Latent talents.
Circling is about returning-- Our dues to the society for the privileges we enjoy.
Circling is a forum where we can Think, Imagine, Implement and Experiment without fear & hesitation.
To say the least Circling is a wonderful Journey.

And all the events bring us closer to one another & create a family bonding for keeps.  
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LC India has adopted "Educate To Enlighten" or "ETE" as its long-term project at the just concluded Agm at Mysore. It is a 6-point programme focussing on the Quality of Education in schools-
1. Adhyapana Sahaya-Providing financial assistance for needy students,
2. Provide hygienic sanitation,
3. Conducting health camps,
4. Provide tools for schools and building infrastructure,
5. Providing mid-day meals,
What is a birthright in many countries is still a luxury in India. A luxury which cannot be afforded by those born into unfortunate circumstances i.e. strained economic background. The child may be bright, may be much above average in intelligence, but his/her prospects in developing that intelligence is dim, for, food for the stomach seems more important than food for the brains.This is where Adhyapana Sahaya, the Ladies Circle India Scholarship Scheme steps in. The objective of the Trust is to implement this National Project "ADHYAPANA SAHAYA", which means educational aid. The Chairman of the Trust is the National President. The Trust Treasurer handles all financial affairs and the administration. Fixed deposits have been made, and the interests accrued will run the scholarships and ensure continuity. Click here to down load form.
Cr. Pooja Galundia
National President
LC 96
Cr. Soumya sanjjay
National Vice President
LC 28
Cr. Prachi Agarwal
National Secretary
LC 121
Cr. Masuma Vagh
National Treasurar
LC 9
Cr. Namrata Shenoy
National Editor
LC 109
Cr. Ramya Rajesh
LC 34
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